Capsule inspection

Automatic Inspection Machines from Proditec provide fast (more than 120,000 capsules per hour) and accurate checking and sorting for visual defects on standard types of hardgelatin capsules

Unique 360° inspection of capsule, includes inspection of printing on body and cap without rotation of capsule. Sorting of all hard gelatin capsules, not only standard colored & opaque, but also translucent & transparent capsules

inspectab 150


  • High-performance inspection
  • Empty capsules manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical producers
  • Guarantee customer quality with 100% end-of-line inspection
  • Remove production issues with defective batch inspection
  • Speed : up to 120,000 tablets per hour
  • 100% surface inspection for all types of defects
  • Opaque, transparent
  • All sizes : 00 to 5
  • 3 to 4 cameras (Color cameras available)
  • Open architecture for easy operation, cleaning and line clearance
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